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BMV Reinstatement

Ohio BMV | Columbus Regional Service Center
1583 Alum Creek Dr.
Columbus, Ohio 43209
(614) 752-7600

Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

Reinstatement Fee Payment Plan

License Status:
Your status will be Valid, Expired, or Eligible to Test as long as you continue to make your payments.

Plan Application:
To apply, complete BMV Form 1152, available online at, at a deputy registrar office, at a regional reinstatement office, or request through the mail.

Eligibility - You must:

  • Provide proof of insurance;
  • Owe at least $150 in Reinstatement Fees;
  • Have met all other reinstatement requirements except for paying reinstatement fees;
  • Are not currently on a court-ordered fee payment plan; and
  • Do not have a pending suspension.

Payment Options:

  • Online:
  • Phone: 1-866-OPLATES (675-2837)
  • At a Regional Reinstatement Office
  • At a Deputy Registrar office (a $10 service fee applies)
  • By Mail

For More Information: (614) 752-7600
Monday - Friday: 7 a.m. - 5:45 p.m., Saturday: 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Reinstatement Fee Monthly Installment Plan

How long will the application process take?

  • By mail: Within 10 business days after received.
  • Regional reinstatement office: Immediately.
  • Deputy Registrar office: Within seven business days and a $10 service fee will be charged.
  • Visit our website for BMV locations:

If I am no longer a resident of Ohio, will I be eligible to apply for payment plan?

  • Yes. Any person owing reinstatement fees in Ohio and meeting the requirements is eligible.

What is the monthly payment amount?

  • The minimum monthly payment required is $50.

How can I make my payments?

  • Pay online at by electronic check only. Allow seven business days for BMV processing.
  • By phone at 1-866-OPLATES (675-2837) by electronic check only. Allow seven business days for BMV processing.
  • In person at any Regional Reinstatement Office. Cash, check, or money order.
  • In person at any Deputy Registrar ($10 service fee will be charged). Cash, check, or money order. For BMV locations visit website:
  • By mail, with check or money order, to:
    PO BOX 16520
    Columbus, Ohio 43216-6520

Will holders of Commerical Driver Licenses be eligible for the BMV Fee Installment Plan?

  • CDL drivers will be eligible for the free installment plan and maintain their CDL license.

What if I am not eligible for the Free Installment Plan and submit payment of $50?

  • The payment will be applied to the balance of the reinstatement fees owed (no refund will be issued).

How will I be notified once items are sent to the BMV?

  • A BMV 2006 information letter will be sent indicating your installment plan has been approved and your license status is Valid, Expired, or Cleared to Retest.
  • A denial notice will be sent indicating a Not Eligible status and reason(s).

What if I am currently on a court-ordered payment plan?

  • A Termination Order must be obtained from the court before applying for the BMV Fee Installment Plan.

What is a Court-Ordered Payment Plan?

  • The court may grant a fee payment plan with limited driving privileges while making payments to the BMV on your reinstatement fees.

What will happen if I miss a payment?

  • If you miss a payment, the installment plan will become inactive.
  • The license status will revert back to "Failure to Reinstate."
  • The reinstatement fee installment plan may be reactivated after a $50 payment is applied to the BMV record.