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Columbus State is committed to being a statewide leader in college access as well as success, and we work to ensure that every community member has a safe environment in which to learn and grow. As a part of the application process, the College asks a series of questions about applicants' criminal histories. In particular, the College is concerned with any prior criminal activity involving a felony conviction. Having a criminal history is not a bar to admission, but there is a process applicants must follow to report their criminal history. When deemed necessary, the applicant must sit down with Columbus State staff to discuss the circumstances behind the offense(s) before enrollment can proceed. Applicants may be deferred or denied if their presence on campus poses a substantial risk of harm, or the applicant is under conditions of post-release supervision (i.e. probation or parole) that prevent enrollment.

This process is also administered for currently and previously enrolled students who are convicted of felony-level offenses. In addition to reviewing information, the committee has partnered with academic departments to understand enrollment processes and potential barriers for students, based on various types of convictions. This information is shared with students during the review process to help support the individual in making the best decision in selecting an appropriate program for student success and career potential. The Enrollment Review Team has partnered with the annual Restored Citizen's Summit, Empowerment Day, Restoration Academy Selection Committee, Citizen's Circles, and participates in prison visits and information sessions geared toward restored citizens.

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