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Which are the Ex-Offenders?

We're betting you can't tell. That's because people who have been in jail or prison look just like everyone else. They also have the same needs. They need friends and family. They need support. Most of all, they need jobs. That's where you come in. Recently-passed bills in Ohio make it easier for those previously incarcerated to re-enter their communities, and for business owners, like you, to hire them. This is a readily-available, eager, and valuable workforce, and one your business can tap into today. Take the first step. Contact the Franklin County Reentry Coalition by calling Kysten Palmore, Reentry Coordinator, at 614.525.5577 or visit us at to learn more about hiring reentry workers and the benefits they can bring to your workforce.

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Top row
Paul Herbert, Judge, Franklin County Municipal Court;
Marty Homan, Public Information Officer, Franklin County Board of COmmissioners;
Marilyn Brown, Franklin County Commissioner;
Kay Shabazz, Event Planning and Member Support Manager, Tech Columbus;
William Ogletree, re-entering resident;
Seleshi Ayalew Asfaw, Executive Director, Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services.

Middle row
Chad Carpenter, re-entering resident;
Yeura Venters, Franklin County Public Defender;
Jim Arter, artist and arts educator;
Kysten Palmore, Franklin County Reentry Coalition Coordinator;
Mathew Dyer, Head of Employee Services, State Library of Ohio;
Kathy Crandall, Franklin County Director of Homeland Security.

Bottom row
Harry Trombitas, retired FBI special agent;
Eliah Thomas, reentry advocate and social entrepreneur;
Michael Daniels, Aide to Commissioner Brown;
Hazel Comer, re-entered resident and Program Coordinator, Bell Center IPP;
Xenia Palus, Director of Communications, Franklin County Clerk of Courts;
Gary Mohr, Director, Ohio Dept of Rehabilitation &l Corrections.