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Commissioner Challenges Community to Hire, Rent To, Or Adopt Justice-Involved Neighbor

Franklin County Commissioner Marilyn Brown has issued a challenge to landlords, businesses, and communities of faith in our county to rent, hire, and adopt their justice-involved neighbors. Commissioner Brown is the Chairperson of the Franklin County Reentry Coalition.

"The Reentry Coalition has worked hard in recent years to highlight the advantages to the community of hiring and renting to ex-offenders, such as that they are frequently graduating from job and life skills programs, they’re hungry for work and for other success in the community, they’re supervised by parole or probation officers who will help them to succeed, and that there are even tax breaks to promote working with our reentering neighbors. Local faith communities have also been hearing from the Reentry Coalition recently about their responsibility to the community to adopt and work with ex-offenders, and the opportunities this work provides."

"We’ve done a good job on the educational front," said Commissioner Brown. "And now I am issuing a direct challenge to employers, landlords, and the faith community to hire, rent-to, or adopt some of these neighbors who are looking for a second chance." The Reentry Coalition is issuing challenge coins to participating people and institutions, and will highlight their work on the county’s website.

"Every one of us has made mistakes,” said Brown. “But when folks get out of jail or prison, we expect them to work hard to stay out and to be a productive member of society. The measure of our community now, though, depends on how hard we work to give them the chance to succeed at doing exactly that."

Click the links below to learn how you can accept the Challenge to assist in increasing the success rates of justice-involved residents.