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Reclaim Your Right to Vote!

Do you think you have lost your right to vote just because you've been incarcerated? In most cases, this isn't true! Download The Reclaim Your Right to Vote brochure to get answers to your questions on whether you can vote or not 

Important Information from the Legal Aid Society of Columbus 

Download Legal Aid Society : Certificate of Qualification for Employment Information Sheet

Download Legal Aid Society: Sealing Your Records Information


Crisis Text Line




Deaf THINK POSITIVE provides alcohol and drug treatment for deaf, deaf/blind, and hard-of-hearing justice involved individuals/probationers. It is an option for treatment in lieu of incarceration. The program is designed specifically to meet the linguistic, cultural, and social needs of this population. 

For more details, Download the Deaf THINK POSITIVE Flyer


Opiate Resource Pocket Guide

Opiate Resource Pocket Guide


Ohio Inpatient Rehab Programs

Looking for an excellent rehabilitation program in Ohio for yourself or someone you love? contains a wealth of knowledge about exclusive private centers and can help you find the center that's right for you. Their drug and alcohol abuse treatment clinics can help anyone get off of drugs, regardless of whether the addiction is to heroin, alcohol, or any other narcotic substance.


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