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The Franklin County Reentry Coalition was established in 2009 to address the dramatic rise in the number of ex-offenders returning to the Franklin County community, and to overcome the fragmentation of services and lack of coordination between service providers and a lack of a leadership entity to coordinate the various services that assist ex-offenders.

Why Our Work is Important

  • Ex-offenders will return to our communities and neighborhoods whether we have a plan for them to successfully reintegrate or not.
  • Nationally, 1600 men and women are released from prison each day.
  • Ohio alone releases more than 28,000 offenders each year.
  • The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Correction released 2,500 men and women from prison in 2016
  • Franklin County has the third highest population of ex-offenders being released from incarceration in the state.
  • 30,089 offenders were released from the Franklin County Jail into the communities and surrounding neighborhoods of Franklin County in 2013.
  • 34,379 offenders were released from the Franklin County Jail into the communities and surrounding neighborhoods of Franklin County in 2009.
  • Offenders are at the highest risk of committing a new crime or violating probation or parole immediately (within the first 3 months) following release from incarceration.
  • The Bureau of Justice Statistics found that within the first six months of release, almost 30% were rearrested and the rate increases to 44% within the first year.
  • Creating successful reentry programming is enhancing public safety.
  • Public safety is enhanced when ex-offenders are held accountable for their behavior, receive structured supervision, monitoring and treatment within their community.
  • Reentry is a component of the Smart on Crime policies that increase public safety, reduce cost and improve lives.

Please read more about our Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles below.

Current members of the Coalition include:

Board of Commissioners * Commissioner Marilyn Brown Mike Hochron
Job & Family Services Joy Bivens Johnna Sawyers
Child Support Enforcement Agency Christina Nichols William Peltcs
Justice Policy & Programs * Michael Daniels Melissa Pierson
Court of Common Pleas * Judge Stephen McIntosh Judge Charles Schneider
Domestic & Juvenile Court Judge Elizabeth Gill Judge Terri Jamison
Homeland Security & Regional Communications Kathy Crandall  
Municipal Court - Specialty Dockets Judge Ted Barrows  
Court of Common Pleas - Probation * Lori Francescon Dan Wunderlich
Municipal Court - Probation Molly Gauntner Rick Tudor
Domestic & Juvenile Court - Corrections Judge Terri Jamison  
Prosecutor - Criminal Division Prosecutor Ron O'Brien  
Public Defender * Public Defender Yeura Venters Marla Dolchin
Sheriff - Corrections Chief Geoff Stobart Chief Geoff Stobart
Veteran's Administration ** Mary Gillette Elizabeth Gump
ODRC Adult Parole Lisa Morgan  
Franklin County CBCF Jacki Dickinson Dominique Paige
City of Columbus Mitch Brown Cathy Collins
Columbus City Attorney - Criminal Division City Attorney Richard Pfeiffer Laura Baker-Morrish
Columbus Police Department Chief Kimberly Jacobs Mike Woods
Columbus Public Health Rebecca Nelson Gene Bailey
Alvis House * Denise Robinson Phil Nunes
IMPACT Community Action Bo Chilton Marcia White
Columbus Urban League Oleatha Waugh Joey H. Green
Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority Charles Hillman Sonja Nelson-Jones
Corporation of Supportive Housing Terri Power  
ADAMH Kythryn Carr-Hurd Jennifer Martinez
Ohio Means Jobs - Columbus/Franklin County Nadir Abdi  Scott Johnson
Legal Aid Society Kathi Schear N/A
Community Representative - male TBD N/A
Community Representative - female TBD N/A
Department of Youth Services Larry Mallory  

* Denotes executive committee members
** Denotes non-voting members

Overarching Goal and Rationale

The overarching goal of the Franklin County Reentry Coalition is to reduce the recidivism rate in Franklin County by 50% over 5 years. The rationale for this is clear - from a public safety standpoint, reduced recidivism means less crime and fewer offenders; from a social justice standpoint, reduced recidivism means more self-sufficiency, more intact families, and a broken cycle of violence and incarceration; and from a purely financial standpoint, reducing recidivism in Franklin County alone by a mere 1% results in a direct savings of over $1.13 MILLION in incarceration costs, not to mention the societal savings in reduced loss of life, property, and sense of security.

Mission, Purpose, Vision, and Guiding Principles

Our new Mission is to promote and support a network of community services and program to effectively and efficiently transition formerly incarcerated individuals back into the community to lead crime-free, productive lives.

The Franklin County Reentry Coalition will provide research, planning, training, service delivery coordination, oversight and guidance concerning grants to internal and external partners working in the offender reentry field. This guidance includes, but is not limited to: organizing, planning, training, collaboration, and funding options as they apply for Federal, State, and Local grant opportunities. The RTF will establish strategic goals to influence services throughout the county and/or designated regions.

Creating Safer Neighborhoods and Productive Residents by increasing the success rates of ex-offenders transitioning from correctional and rehabilitative institutions back into the community.

Guiding Principles
The Franklin County Reentry Coalition will be guided by principles designed to foster a comprehensive, integrated and regional continuum of services for ex-offenders re-entering Franklin County. This approach will be:

  1. Outcome Driven. Promote outcomes relative to safety, health and welfare of the community and its returning residents. Evidence-based, best practices should be implemented whenever practical.
  2. Multi-disciplinary. Utilize a common oversight body that is multi-disciplinary and responsive to the holistic nature of reentry.
  3. Maximize Resources. Develop a collaborative regional application and funding approach to maximize funding and reduce duplication of services. Pool existing resources and align support services to increase and improve outcomes for ex-offenders.
  4. Promote Collaboration as essential to quality and effective reentry practices.
  5. Data Driven. Reliable information equals effective decision making.
  6. Accountable. Public Safety is enhanced by quality reentry approaches that foster greater accountability of agency outcomes and individual responsibility.
  7. Transparent. Increase transparency within the reentry process for those in need of assistance and services.

Meetings Schedule

General Meeting - 2pm (unless otherwise indicated via this site or notified by e-mail)

2018 Dates:

  • Wednesday, January 17th
  • Wednesday, April 18th
  • Wednesday July 18th
  • Wednesday, October 17th
    • Franklin County Hall of Justice, 369 S. High Street, Room 3