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MEO's Letter

This section will provide staff the most important updates in personnel matters and employee benefits - such as insurance Open Enrollment reminders, payroll deductions, and what's new.

Last year, with more than $35 million in legal transactions, a mere $12.72 shortage was reported! Auto Title managed more than $107 million and had an overage of about $160. These are near perfect results, with reported accuracy at 99.99999964 percent and 99.99999851 percent, respectively.

What phenomenal work from my Deputy Clerks! And for our ever watchful public - including taxpayers and our customers, this is the work they can expect of us, the work we are capable of producing, and the work they need to know about!

Eddie Baumann, our agency's cash manager, noted that this impressive work is due 100 percent to the cashiers. "We watch our money here," Eddie said "Staff who handle these transactions are mindful of their responsibilities and are professionals. These cashiers are exceptional!"

The following demonstrates the consistent level of "perfection" for the past three years, in our two divisions:

Legal Division Receipts
Receipts - $28,827,141.02
Net Cashier Over/Short - $64.96 overage
Percent overage of total receipts 0.0002255%
99.9999975 accurate

Receipts - $32,600,687.73
Net Cashier Over/Short - $189.73 overage
Percent overage of total receipts 0.0005828%
99.99999417 accurate

Receipts - $35,879,179.03
Net Cashier Over/Short - $12.72 shortage
Percent shortage of total receipts 0.0000362%
99.99999964 accurate

Auto Title Receipts
Total Receipts - $122,991,067.42
Net Cash Over/Short - $586.16 shortage
Percent shortage of total receipts 0.0004765%
99.99999524 accurate

Total Receipts - $122,443,005.38
Net Cash Over/Short - $579.77 shortage
Percent shortage of total receipts 0.0004737%
99.99999526 accurate

Receipts - $107,466,205
Net Cash Over/Short--$160.34 overage
Percent overage of total receipts0.0001489%
99.99999851 accurate

Because our office practices its "best"every person can take pride in their contributing role to make this year's numbers (again) so close to perfect! Special kudos to our cashiers. You're perfectly wonderful!

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The Latest News

Publication changes are agency-wide: Annual Report format and distribution; Newsletter format and distribution; Passport Brochure Updates; Forms, letterhead, and print material WITH MEO's name (please!); and, Business Card changes.

Annual Report Last year’s division level and departmental production were compiled and results produced in the 2010 Annual Report. Data and operational information were presented in a newer, updated format. In addition to the facts and figures from our traditional reporting divisions, OBM and IT departments’ 2010 highlights were featured.

A limited number of Annual Reports were printed as this agency continues its support of the county’s “Go Green” initiative. In addition to emailing the report to elected officials and their staff countywide, more than 2,000 contacts received the Annual Report in an email from either their associations or directly from the County Clerks’ office.
Special thanks for the following organizations that distributed information to their memberships:
The Ohio Auto Dealers Association (limited to central Ohio dealer database)
Columbus Bar Association
PACO (Paralegal Association of Central Ohio)
NALS (the association for legal professionals)
Ohio Judicial Conference.

The Annual Report is also available on our web site. If someone requests a copy of 2010’s production, please direct them to the “Clerks News”. Printed copies also can be mailed. Please direct those requests directly to the Clerk’s Communications Department.

Thanks to everyone who contributed their design talents and descriptive content in producing the 2010 Report. Also, an agency-wide “SALUTE!” to all staff who daily do the work necessary to produce such impressive numbers.

Newsletter...The employee newsletter will continue to be available. As noted, a few changes occurred. Production and edition releases will be every other month. (This is the first edition of this format, and is the March/April 2011 issue.) Also, the newsletter will be available online. Special thanks to Kevin Fraley (IT) for his sweat equity in building the platform for this e-news. Not only did he produce the layout, design and newsletter template, but he worked directly with Xenia offering his suggestions that resulted in the final product. Congrats for making such a fine product. If you have any suggestions to improve the newsletter, please contact Xenia with those ideas.

Passport Brochure Deputy Clerks who were asked to update their work’s email signature line were made aware that only Civil Division will process passport applications. The Passport Brochure located on our web site also has been corrected to reflect this information. Civil division is also a one-stop shop for both processing the application and passport photo taking. (Please know that our Auto Title offices cannot process any passport applications at this time.)

Forms, Letterhead and Other Print Stuff Oh My! Any and all printed materials that include Franklin County Clerk of Courts (and/or with Maryellen O’Shaughnessy’s name) must be current and correct. Thanks to Jennifer M.(OBM) who’s keen eye discovered an outdated form on the county’s Courts web site. Please be our extra eyes and help us see that this Clerk’s name is on forms, guide books, reports or general information, regardless where those items are found. Let’s not forget those phone numbers also need to begin with ...”525”. It is the county’s “new” prefix.

Business Cards...Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus. And yes JB those business cards should be done before the holidays. All joking and fun aside, Xenia consulted with select staff-designer wanna-bees. After receiving their input and constructive criticism of several card design options, a choice was made. The prototype for the final business card has also been Clerk “OK’d” and “certified.”
Now we ask for your patience with the production process. In the near future, managers will be asked for their help with coordinating and completing business card order forms. It’s not a simple task - a few hundred employees will expect CORRECTLY printed cards. Stay tuned. Don’t panic (yet). And please no fussing. After all, Christmas is still eight months away.

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Legal Divisions

Read here for activities of the Criminal, Civil, Records, Juvenile, Domestic and Appeals divisions of the Franklin County Clerk of Courts' agency. (For staff changes and promotions, Deputy Clerks can refer to their internal newsletter.)

1st Quarter Foreclosure numbers for 2011 were distributed to the media. IT has also made this data available on our web site. Click on “Clerks News” to see the excel sheet with the historical recordings and this year’s totals as compared to totals same time last year. Thanks to all the Civil staff members who had to assist those people filing any of the 2, 084 foreclosures in the first three months of this year.

Is it getting hot in here? E-filing is picking up steam. Meetings and mini-presentations are being held with court staff. The official e-filing training will be a hot topic. Look for these sessions to begin sometime in the summer. Updates on scheduling will be emailed to divisions and those managers.

APPEALS - What's keeping you busy?

Appeals Overfloweth

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Auto Title

Read here for activities of one or any of the four Auto Title offices located through Franklin County. (For staff changes and promotions, Deputy Clerks can refer to their internal newsletter.)

Kenny S. (Auto Title South) announced that Bob Boyd Lincoln Mercury will bring its business back to our Auto Title North location. This is due in large part to this dealer’s new location on Sawmill Road. THANK you Bob Boyd for transacting your title business in Franklin County! Auto Title North staff - show them your “TAC” in Action!

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Employee Activities Committee

$1 for chocolate, Jeans day, Canned goods, Operation feed and oh so much more...

At the March 28 meeting, the Employee Activities Committee (EAC) decided on a new approach in managing their 2011 projects. Instead of electing officers, the team selected a chair and co-chair to plan, manage and carry out each specific activity area. The following are activity areas and specific EAC coordinators:

Operation Feed
Candy Sales: Sheila M. (Auto Title East)
Bake Sale(s): Laura M. (Domestic) and Fredia S. (Records)
3rd Bake Sale: Jeff G. (IT) and Lisa P. (Civil)
Summer Picnic Erin W. (Appeals) and Jeff G. (IT)
  Judy R. (Records)


Flower Fund Summer W. (Criminal)
Christmas/Holiday Trish J. (Juv. Traff.) and Laura M. (Domestic) and Chloe R. (Juv.)


Jeans 4 a Day Judy R. (Records) and Summer W. (Criminal)
Tracy T. (Admin) and Eddie B. (Auto Title South) financial support

If you have questions regarding this year's EAC project, talk with a rep. INTERESTED in helping out and not currently on the committee? This is a great time to test the waters and impact the outcome of any of EAC's activities. Plus, there is FUN involved. (Remember last year's holiday party and how wonderful it was?) Yes, you too can help with this and other events - just say "Sure, I'll pitch in" and get involved.

SWEET TOOTH ALERT- Bake Sale for Operation Feed on June 3. Bake something. Buy something baked and donate it for sale at our agency's event. Sweets will be offered for sale in the Lobby of 373, beginning at 8 a.m. Drop off items to Domestic Division on June 2.

Auto Title staffs are also invited to participate and support our agency wide event. Baked items (or donations) should be available for pick up the preceding day. Glen will collect all items and deliver to our drop off site.

Thanks Laura M. for keeping an eye on our pies, cookies and brownies. It's a tough job, but someone has to be the watcher!

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Personnel and Benefits

This section will provide staff the most important updates in personnel matters and employee benefits-such as insurance Open Enrollment reminders, payroll deductions, and whats new.

WELCOME Peg Meckling, General Division Manager (Many know her from her days in Probate...and now, she’s on the clerk’s side.)

Congrats co-workers for recent promotions and/or moves to new positions:
Chris Kopech to Operations; Judy Raphael to General Division, supervisor; Shannon Zeller to Juvenile, supervisor; Carol Slayton to Auto Title North, manager; Linda Workman, Auto Title North assistant manager; Terry Hughes to Auto Title East, supervisor. We SALUTE you all.

Who had babies or saw their family do great things? We know that Fred R. (Operations) is a new daddy! He’s got the stats on his family’s new addition. Congrats to Fred, mommy and baby.

We bid Iva Nimbs, Payroll, a “bon voyage, happy retirement” and thanks for her service in the Clerk of Courts office through many years and administrations.

The Clerk took part in this year’s Shamrock Club’s proclamation ceremony held in March, 2011. Clerk O’Shaughnessy also showed up in Columbus’ St. Pat’s parade (along with many of her blood relatives and all those extended Irish-for-a-day-famly.) Look at the photo collages for both events on the following links. Thanks to Chris K. for his Animoto wizardry.



Glenn our Irish Clerk

At the request of THE Ohio State University’s alumni relations office, the Clerk and Xenia were invited to read to the fourth graders at Prairie Norton Elementary. The Clerk’s class loved her and her cheery and calming demeanor. The kids in Xenia’s class were surprised and stunned. (Was it because Xenia wore a large Dr. Suess-ian green and white striped hat while she read?)

Nevertheless, school administrators, teachers AND the children were thrilled with the experiences. Each reader was presented Dr. Suess Certificates thanking each reader.

Check out a book from your local library and read to someone young. Reading to children is one of the greatest gifts an adult can give a child - and the benefits go beyond the words on the pages.

Dr. Seuss certificates for reading

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TAC in ACTion

Timely---Accurate-Courteous service in ACTion! Comments submitted to this office either by a co-worker about a co-worker or by any one of the Clerk of Courts' colleagues, customers or general public also recognizing the extraordinary work by our extraordinary staff.

Thanks to Kenny S. (Title South) for naming rights of this section of the newsletter! This section is for those “shout outs” or “atta girl/atta boy” comments submitted by co-workers, other court colleagues, our customers or the general public who praise the work of our great staff. Look for those complimentary notes our office receives in praise of the work one or more employee has provided in their daily roles.

Joyce B. (Operations) submitted: “Elizabeth Walsh took over for Vicky Basham with just one days notice and is doing a good job” Way to go Elizabeth and keep that smile on your happy face!

Xenia (Admin) has noted that working with Chris K. (Operations) has been amazingly educational, fun and most rewarding. “Mr. Video-grapher!!” (like ARNOLD: He’ll be Back!) has video camera in hand and to-date produced some great YouTube pieces. Check out these latest YouTube productions.

Joyce B., Susie (IT) and Ned K. (Admin.) were Super Stars at the Columbus Bar Associations’ March luncheon. In their supporting roles to Judge Guy Reece who was the featured speaker at CBA’s lunch meeting, they took the stage famously. Our FCCofC Super Star team talked about e-filing and shared their deep knowledge of that new virtual world. There was hardly a question that couldn’t be answered by the Three Clerks. Kudos!

Ned K. submitted a shout out for Melissa P.(Civil) who represented the Clerk of Courts in a 2010 Municipal Court matter. According to Ned, “Your (Melissa’s) attendance, readiness and patience were instrumental, I am sure, in convincing (XYZ) to take responsibility for his actions. One of Clerk O’Shaughnessy’s priorities is to deter fraudulent activity, both from our own vigilance and through cooperating with the investigative authorities.  Keep up the good work.”

Shout out to Antone W. (Operations) for skillfully guiding members of Columbus' NALS (association of legal professionals) through the new courthouse. See a sampling of the tour by viewing the attached pictures.

Sisters of Fashion, separated at birth. Sue was always mom's favorite. Xenia was just trouble. (Coincidentally, Sue C. (Operations) had the exact sweater as Xenia (Admin) was wearing one day last month. Only difference - were the colors of the tops. But, notice the fashion blend?

Sisters Sue and Xenia in same top

Remember, if you have a story to share of a co-worker’s extraordinary TAC-ACTion, or if one of our customers wants to provide a “shout out” for staff - please direct those comments to Xenia (525-3297 or by email

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Your Opinion, Your Story, Your Opportunity to Sound Off! Write your column, submit it to Xenia, and if approved, you too will be in the newsletter featured HERE. To see who's saying what in this issue, Read more...

In this inaugural issue, this section is reserved for anyone to share a position, opinion, a story for all staff to read. This is your space, your opportunity to write your words. Maybe you had a child and want to share that extraordinary experience. Perhaps you are caring for an elderly family member - and you want people to know how valuable time is. Or maybe you have an opinion about Columbus’ arts and culture, or upcoming sports schedules and teams. If you’re a poet and didn’t know it and want to show it, this is also your chance to glow it.

Whatever your ideas or commentary worthy of sharing, this is the place. Write it. Submit it. Be prepared to have some - or all --of the content edited (that may happen).

Submit your ideas to Xenia’s email or call her directly to discuss your thoughts for future articles.

Separate from this online bimonthly news, each week Xenia will share a unique historical reference, article, or “word for the day”. Look for an All Staff email in your Inbox. Remember “NONPLUS?” (Hint: its definition is “to perplex”).

Please submit your “news” to Xenia Palus (Admin.) for inclusion in the next issue of The Clerk Connection. We apologize for any omissions. Reported corrections will be included in a subsequent issue.

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